12Mär19:00Humulus w/ STÖTS


is a Psych Stoner trio based in Brescia and Bergamo, Italy. They formed in
2009, and their self-titled debut album was released by Go Down Records in Decem

ber 2012. Their sound was inspired by bands like Karma To Burn, Orange Goblin, and
Kyuss. Following the album’s release, the band immediately embarked on a tour throu

gh Italy and Spain until Winter 2014, when singer/guitarist Cristiano Benicchio quit the
band. The same year, the band was proud to brew their own Black Stoner IPA thanks
to the cooperation with the independent brewery ELAV from Bergamo, Italy.
In Spring 2015, singer/guitarist Andrea Bellicini (ex-Van Cleef Continental) joined the
band, adding a more psychedelic and dynamic music style and widening the influences
beyond the Stoner genre. After a few months of rehearsals, the
Electric Walrus EP
was self-released. It features three more structured songs than in the past, with refined
melodies and a warmer feel thanks to the bluesy vocals of the new frontman. The band
kept writing songs, touring, and performing at various festivals including Keep It Low,
Somenfest, and Burn The Witch.

In Spring 2017, their sophomore studio album
Reverently Heading Into Nowhere
was released on vinyl edition for the German label Kozmik Artifactz and on
CD for the Italian Taxi Driver Records. A three-year European tour followed, including many festival appearances such as the Freak Valley Festival, Up In
Smoke, Duna Jam, Dome of Rock, and Tabernas.
In Summer 2019, the band announced its third full-length,
The Deep
, released by Kozmik Artifactz in February 2020. It is more atmospheric and introspec

tive, especially in the expanded opening and closing tracks. However
, there is no shortage of Stoner Doom riffs, which are Humulus’ DNA. The promo tour
was drastically cut back due to the pandemic. However, they did manage to perform at Desertfest 2021 in Belgium and Lake On Fire 2022 in Austria.
Andrea Bellicini left the band in November 2022, but stalwart members Giorgio Bonacorsi and Massimiliano Boventi did not give up.
A month later, Thomas
Mascheroni (Thomas Greenwood and the Talismans) joined the lineup. Through extended jam sessions in the rehearsal room, they were able to find a new
balance quickly. This is how the seven songs in Humulus’ fourth album
Flowers Of Death
were conceived. The track “Seventh Sun” features Stefan Koglek
from Color Haze on guitar. Kozmik Artifactz released the vinyl edition on September 1, 2023. The CD edition is due out in November 2023 via Go Down

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